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Radical Honesty

The courage to be yourself 
Let’s be honest. We all lie all the time. We don’t call it lying though. We just pretend we’re happy when actually we feel depressed, we don’t show when we’re angry, we fake confidence when we’re insecure. Sometimes, we even hide feeling grateful. This creates stress. While we may tell ourselves we do this because we want to protect others, we’re actually hiding behind the prejudices we have about others and isolating ourselves from real contact. In the attempt to avoid our negative judgments about others, we end up holding on to our anger, insecurity, or shame that we have not expressed. And we keep ourselves and others down. Over time, we become disconnected, we feel alone and misunderstood, and we become preoccupied in thought.

Radical Honesty is a way of showing up in relationships that leads to intimacy. Instead of maintaining a performance to make an impression or meet expectations, you report what's really going on inside you. And more than that, you also learn to sit with (and express) the discomfort that you feel when other people are honest with you. As a result of honestly admitting and expressing your thoughts and feelings, you allow those feelings to change and you get over what was triggering you before. This is how you come into heartfelt, genuine connection.

Workshops:  Radical Honesty

Participants in Radical Honesty workshops report becoming more relaxed (with themselves and others), more confident, more deeply connected to the people they care about, and get a greater sense of freedom to be who they are.
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Trying and practicing ...
  • Staying with yourself while you are in contact with others
  • Talking about your current feelings and thoughts
  • Sitting with tensions, ambiguities and conflict
  • Letting go of control and being open to what happens next
  • Showing yourself while in inner turmoil
  • Taking responsibility for yourself instead of blaming it on the other person
  • Asking for what you want
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The opportunity ...
  • To show yourself as you are
  • To be seen and heard
  • To meet others who are also honest
  • To express and resolve feelings of anger
  • To develop courage and confidence to show yourself vulnerable
  • To become aware of your own avoidance patterns
  • To experience acceptance – of yourself and others
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The topics:
  • Dealing with expectations
  • Distinguishing between noticing and thinking
  • Setting clear boundaries and saying no
  • Dealing with fear and taboos
  • Dealing with anger and rage
  • Asking for what you want
  • Getting over past experiences and triggers
Radical Honesty

Dr. Brad Blanton,

the psychotherapist who developed the concept of Radical Honesty, says, "We all fake feelings and hide the truth. We think it's necessary to protect ourselves and others. But lying wears us out." In his experience, pretending and withholding is the major source of all human stress.
Watch this video by Tom van der Linden who exemplifies Radical Honesty with well-known narratives from movies and series.

My next workshops:

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Honesty at Work

In-house Workshop

Let's find a date for two days!
Building trusting relationships with your collegues and within your team. Working together in a co-creative, co-intelligent and co-hearted way. This is a closed workshop format that I offer in-house at your location.
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Radical Honesty

August, 23 - 25, 2024, Hamburg| € 350 – € 390
Discover how it feels to show yourself and get into an honest, direct contact. This workshop is suited for beginners and experienced practitioners.
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Radical Honesty

November, 22 - 24, 2024, Hamburg| € 350 – € 390
Discover how it feels to show yourself and get into an honest, direct contact. This workshop is suited for beginners and experienced practitioners.

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Life is being in relationships – be it at work or in your private life.
With over 15 years of experience as a coach, I support you in showing up for yourself and building trusting connections.
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